Competency Development & Assurance

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FAT FINGER™ Bridges Competency Assurance Gaps

Reliability in real-time – designed to significantly improve workflow efficiency at the field level by allowing companies to capture data in real time across all assets (e.g. Inspection Procedures, Troubleshooting, Incident Reporting, etc.), providing the ability to make quicker decisions using more accurate data.

Competency assurance – ideal for structuring skills verification and competency assurance assessments that integrate learning content (e.g. training videos, pictures, diagrams, etc.) allowing for reinforcement of critical concepts as the user completes the by step-by-step skill-based checkpoints, verified by witness signature capture.

Skill-building, changing behaviors – your most experienced engineering, maintenance and operational subject matter experts can now rapidly develop step-by-step skill-building exercises that replicate and reinforce best-practices and profitable behaviors learned over their tenure, deployable at the point of work.

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